Blue Light Glasses

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On average Americans spend over 7 hours a day in front of
digital screens such as computers, smartphones, tablets and
televisions. Nearly 70% of American adults experience eye
strain, blurred vision, red eyes, migraines and sleep
deprivation due to the blue light exposure from digital

Blue light is a color in the visible light spectrum that can be seen by the human eye. These rays also known as high-energy
light (HEV), are waves that emanate from digital screens. Blue light has a very short wavelength which produces a higher
amount of energy. Studies suggest that, over time, exposure to the blue end of the light spectrum could cause serious
long-term damage to human eyes. Our eyes' natural filters do not provide sufficient protection against blue light rays from
exposure to the sun and digital devices.

Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses
Blue Light Glasses