Stemless Wine Cup (Indigo Isles)

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Now you can enjoy more wine with fewer refills, thanks to our Signature Swig Life 14oz Stemless Wine Cup!
This Stemless Wine Cup in Marble Slab comes with a spill-resistant lid, which seals tightly with a rubber gasket and can be covered with the sliding closure to minimize spilling. The cup also comes with a non-slip silicone base. The 14oz Stemless Wine Cup and included accessories are all dishwasher safe.
Dishwasher Safe!
Non-Slip Silicone Base - Patent Pending
Lid features push-seal and open/close toggle
Triple Insulated Technology
Double-Walled & Vacuum-Sealed
Condensation Free
Print: Indigo Isles
Capacity: 14oz
Temperature: Cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 3 hours
Stemless Wine Cup (Indigo Isles)
Stemless Wine Cup (Indigo Isles)
Stemless Wine Cup (Indigo Isles)